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Embryo 1
Lot Number: 1

Name: Embryo 1

Cornet Obolensky Embryo out of 1.60m Nations Cup mare Wild Rose

Sire: Cornet Obolensky
Dam: Wild Rose

°2022 Unknown --

Lord Le Faut
Lot Number: 2

Name: Lord Le Faut

Dam uterine sister to 1.60m mare Freestyle Lady

Sire: Le Faut
Dam: Lovly Lady

°2021 Colt chestnut

Millfield Cassiel
Lot Number: 3

Name: Millfield Cassiel

An impressive son of Casall, out of a proven Millfield Stud Damline

Sire: Casall
Dam: F.Millfield Fandango

°2021 Colt chestnut

Mylo DSH Z
Lot Number: 4

Name: Mylo DSH Z

Mylord Carthago Colt out of one of the finest French Damlines

Sire: Mylord Carthago D
Dam: Fancy Girl Semilly

°2021 Gelding chestnut

Crowns Big Star
Lot Number: 5

Name: Crowns Big Star

Stunning Big Star colt out of International Performing dam

Sire: Big Star
Dam: Qui est Elle

°2021 Colt bay

Embryo 2
Lot Number: 6

Name: Embryo 2

A uterine sibling to 1.60 jumping Woklahoma.

Sire: Taloubet Z
Dam: Soklahoma W

°2022 Unknown --

Witch Hazel HF
Lot Number: 7

Name: Witch Hazel HF

Impressive quality filly out of Emily Ward's 1.50 jumping mare Witch

Sire: Je T'aime Flamenco
Dam: Witch

°2021 Filly bay

Tiger's Domain HD
Lot Number: 8

Name: Tiger's Domain HD

Impressive colt from a Damline of International Performers

Sire: Dorian Grey TN
Dam: Gigante

°2021 Colt dark bay

Lot Number: 9

Name: KimsCasall

Stunning Casall colt out of 1.45m Grand Prix winning mare

Sire: Casall Ask
Dam: Vancurtis

°2021 Colt bay

Embryo 3
Lot Number: 10

Name: Embryo 3

Embryo out of consistent 1.40m winning mare, Benevita and by Olympic Champion, Big Star.

Sire: Big Star
Dam: Benevita

°2022 Unknown --

Carrickview Cobolesse
Lot Number: 11

Name: Carrickview Cobolesse

Dam Uterine sister to Rodrigo Pessoa's top 1.60m ride Winsom O

Sire: Conthargos
Dam: Doblesse-O

°2021 Colt grey

Martini JTH
Lot Number: 12

Name: Martini JTH

Dam uterine sister to top 1.60m performer

Sire: Veni Vidi Vici
Dam: Martha 55

°2021 Filly bay

Wild Cat HF
Lot Number: 13

Name: Wild Cat HF

Stunning Verdi Filly out of top 1.60m Nations Cup mare Wild Rose

Sire: Verdi
Dam: Wild Rose

°2021 Filly bay

Farringdon GT
Lot Number: 14

Name: Farringdon GT

Super Athletic filly with a star-studded family tree

Sire: Comfort
Dam: Jevade

°2021 Filly chestnut

Aeolus HD
Lot Number: 15

Name: Aeolus HD

Arezzo VDL colt out of Dam already producing International Performers

Sire: Arezzo VDL
Dam: Stamira HD

°2021 Colt bay

Embryo 4
Lot Number: 16

Name: Embryo 4

Casall Embryo out of top 1.60m mare Cento Love

Sire: Casall
Dam: Cento Love

°2022 Unknown --

Origin G3
Lot Number: 17

Name: Origin G3

An exquisite filly whose dam is uterine sister to Quadros 3

Sire: Christian 25
Dam: Heidi I

°2021 Filly bay

Skelwith Lord of the Dance
Lot Number: 18

Name: Skelwith Lord of the Dance

Out of top performing 1.45m Grand Prix mare

Sire: Je T'aime Flamenco
Dam: Skelwith Lady Delilah

°2021 Colt bay

Cambridge GTZ
Lot Number: 19

Name: Cambridge GTZ

Showstopping colt out of a modern Blacktype Damline

Sire: Colorit Z
Dam: Reviens Van Het Hazelarenhoekje

°2021 Colt bay

Cantura HD
Lot Number: 20

Name: Cantura HD

Exquisitely bred filly from direct Damline of Calando I

Sire: Canturo
Dam: Laguna 96

°2021 Filly dark bay

Millfield Carlana
Lot Number: 21

Name: Millfield Carlana

Stunning Cornet Filly out of the direct damline of Quaprice Bois Margot

Sire: Cornet Obolensky
Dam: Quitania

°2021 Filly grey

Crowns Diamonds Are Forever
Lot Number: 22

Name: Crowns Diamonds Are Forever

A super pedigree combining the World's leading bloodlines

Sire: Diamant de Semily
Dam: Millfield Cordula

°2021 Colt bay

Embryo 5
Lot Number: 23

Name: Embryo 5

Tangelo embryo out of 1.60m Nations Cup mare Wild Rose

Sire: Tangelo VD Zuthoeven
Dam: Wild Rose

°2022 Unknown --

Embryo 6
Lot Number: 24

Name: Embryo 6

Chacco Blue Embryo out of the Uterine sister of Carlo 273

Sire: Chacco Blue
Dam: Bellissima I

°2022 Unknown --

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